It was an Autumn dusk--a snow-covered New York City sat as still and quiet as it had ever been. They stood in 20 degree weather, surrounded by gusts of unrelenting wind, yet their hearts had never been warmer. Her smile ran from cheek to cheek as his arm wrapped around her waist. Nothing else matters except each of their presence to another. As breathtaking as the fall colors were, the landscape couldn’t compete with the true focus of the images: this couple's enduring, tangible love for one another. 


preserve your memory


Every individual should have the ability to hold on to those sweet, rare, valuable moments in their lives. With each image meaningfully captured and carefully selected, Rosetheguy offers a personalized service that caters to those that hold this same value.


Based out of Philadelphia, PA. Roosevelt Nguyen, also known as Rosetheguy specializes in fashion, lifestyle wedding photography and videography. From live events, graduation photos, to engagement and weddings, Roosevelt loves utilizing natural as well as artificial light from many different setting such as time of the day or weather condition to display his photographing subject(s) under with the goal to create beautiful, unique contrast between bright light and shadows.  He also loves finding aesthetically pleasing symmetries to incorporate them in his photo's background to enhance and complement the subject. Rose believes that a great photograph shouldn't just be great on its own, it should be able tell a story and represent something of greater value more than just for its great, technical quality standpoint.


About the Photographer :

Roosevelt's life goal was never to become a photographer.

As a Vietnamese immigrant, coming to the United States at the age of 13 was the biggest change of his life. With the drastic cultural shift to meeting different people and having to learn the new language. Even though it was quite a challenging period, Roosevelt never saw his difference as a disadvantage. Matter of fact, all of these obstacles pushed him into wanting to get out of his comfort zone and learn.

His years as a teenager were spent with many fascinations with all things surrounded him in this new country. Many of his friends would agree that his fascination and curiosity can be easily entertained by pretty much... anything! Throughout his years living in America, Roosevelt dabbled into a lot of different extracurricular activities. From self learning how to play guitar for his church to skateboarding, and even breakdancing. His urge to constantly create and a desire for constant improvement is which someone would call it: obsessive.

From the moment Roosevelt picked up a DSLR camera, he knew that it would quickly become a passion he'd strive for. He never imagined himself to be someone standing behind a camera lens, yet photography became his greatest creative outlet. Currently, he is endeavoring hard each day to find beauty in each and every shot he takes.